Food Processing

The very nature of the Food Processing and Handling Industry demands uncompromising standards in hygiene and safety. Even a minor pest infestation can result in serious contamination, with possibilities of the unit being shut down. The adverse impact it can have on the reputation of the business, as been seen in recent times with a leading confectionary company, is another serious matter altogether. On the other hand, an unreliable pest management partner can cause further harm with use of hazardous chemicals and unproven methods, leading to non-compliance of quality and safety regulations. It then becomes fundamental for you to have an effective and reliable professional pest management program.


We at Al Sherooqi Services understand the stringent demands of hygiene, safety and quality in the Food Processing and Handling Industry. To cater to these complex demands, we offer tailored pest management solutions for the sensitive environments of various food processing and handling facilities.

We are fully equipped to partner with you to successfully implement Integrated Pest Management program, with a special emphasis on adherence to food safety norms.

The process begins with a meticulous inspection and assessment of the facility, identifying the risks posed by various pests against the vulnerability of the facility to the pests. Thereafter, a specific plan is designed to cater to the requirement of the unit.

The process concludes with expert implementation of preventive measures and solutions. Regular assessment ensures that the sanitation of the facility is upheld as per the high standards set by the company.

Our products are certified safe and comply with regulations prescribed by authorities. Moreover, the Al Sherooqi team is expertly trained to work efficiently, applying our solutions with the kind of accuracy and effectiveness you won’t find with other pest control companies.