NHRA approved disinfectants

Complaints by patients about insect bites, bed bug infestations, food contamination through dead insects are on the rise. Another major growing concern is Nosocomial Infections or Hospital-Acquired Illnesses arising from being in the hospital due to microbes on surfaces or equipment. With the advent and growth of health tourism, one of the downfalls of poor pest management is loss of reputation. All these concerns can only be addressed with proper sterilization and sanitization. Hospitals and healthcare establishments also have to comply with regulatory standards set by - National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH), Joint Commission International (JCI), HACCP and OSHA.


Ensuring patient safety, hygiene and sanitation of site and food is top priority when it comes to hospitals and healthcare establishments. A pest problem or infestation cannot be allowed to exist in the healthcare industry as it is counter intuitive to "healthcare" itself.

At Al Sherooqi Services , we provide solutions to first inspect, manage and monitor your pest problems. Through our professional pest activity observations and in consultation with the client, a unique and customized program will be developed to manage and resolve all issues being faced at the site. This allows for a truly Intelligent and safe Pest Management program. By the implementation of these exclusive technologies we can not only stop the current pest problem but also prevent re-infestation in the future.