Restaurants, cafes and bars are at times plagued with roaches, flies and rodents. Complaints of live infestations, dead insects or their body parts found inside the customer’s food can virtually cause the establishment to shut down. If brought to the notice of food safety inspectors. These sights are not only unsavory to health conscious patrons but can also drive them away towards competitors. It is imperative that these places remain clear of pests and infestations to ensure the safety of the customer. Pests also affect the food and produce being brought into the restaurant by contaminating product thereby damaging the business name and its reputation.


Al Sherooqi Services high quality Integrated Pest Management services restaurants and other food establishments keep their premises clear of pests and infestations. Our team of experts will use our methodology in conjunction with the establishment to provide a customized program. With the use of exclusive technologies all your pest problems will be addressed to eradicate the problem at its source.

pest control in restaurants Bahrain

Our approach covers the entire facility and functions, right from receipt , quarantine and storage of raw materials to cooking and serving. Our pest control solutions comply with all internal audit thresholds.