Rodent control Bahrain

Rat and mice both spread disease and pose a serious health risk to both humans and animals alike making it important to handle the infestations swiftly before it causes serious damages. Rodent control is thus an important factor as it causes serious harm to the people if we don't give proper attention to them.

Our trained experts inspect the affected areas and strategically use effective products at appropriate locations.


  • Our rodent control  service uses very effective solutions in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Products and techniques implemented are 100% safe to humans and pets.
  • The  main rodent control service includes our lockable tamper-proof bait stations and trapping station as per requirement.


We offer on call & annual contract treatment with regular check-ups and monitoring. Al sherooqi pest control company uses effective pest control management for rodent control in Bahrain. If you have any queries, Please contact us and we will come back to you .